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Welcome to the home of Melissa Moore Media & Moore 4 Love blog. I'm so flipping' excited that you're here!  My hope is that this blog will make you laugh, think and realize that we're in this together.  xxoo Melissa

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Melissa Moore

I'm an outspoken 50ish single mom living in Denver who also hosts a local radio show every day on Denver's #1 radio station.  Radio is in my blood- I grew up in the business and hosted shows in Minneapolis, Nashville (syndicated), Orlando and Muncie, IN.

The only thing I've done longer than radio is write.  Writing gives me freedom and allows me to connect to our crazy life.  

My daughter is my heart and my love. She is funny, smart, kind and on the autism spectrum.  She has taught me what is important and real about life.

At 50 I met the love of my life, am now engaged and will 'someday' get married.  No rush knowing I finally got it right.

Like so many of us- I've survived a lot in my life.  I often draw on my experiences of abuse, addiction, divorce, cancer and not just surviving but thriving and growing.

Outside of my family and friends I have mad love for coffee, HGTV, cooking, my English Bulldog Cisco, my rescue dog Dash along with our cat Toothless.  Plus, all things Colorado!  

I believe love is love, God is bigger than we allow Him to be and that he's got a wicked sense of humor.  I believe in love.  

Love always wins. xxoo

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Time For Female Mind Shift

Women, we are not in competition with each other. The world tells us differently and shouts that we are fighting for limited seats at a...

Are Relationships Supposed to Be Work?

Any relationship worth having takes work. We’ve all heard that famous saying, but is it really true? For me, I now say no. Maybe it’s...

Time AWAY From Kids For Mother's Day

What do Moms really want for Mother’s Day? Time away from their kids. Seriously- The number one answer was…a nap! Please hear me on...

The TRUTH About a Hysterectomy

I recently joined a somewhat secretive and not so small club of bad ass women. We all have one thing in common, and it's a commonality...

My Covid Exhaustion Reality

I am physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted from Covid. I don’t want to think about it, or talk about it another second longer....

Expectations Kill Happiness

Can you have success if you don’t have expectations? Aren’t expectations a natural part of life? You train for a marathon and expect to...

Johnny Cochran Had THIS Right

A square peg in a round hole. If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. This is sage advice, minus the inappropriate OJ reference. Forcing your...

Is Marriage Necessary At This Age?

Do I want to get married again? When it comes to dating in middle age this is a common question. I’ve asked it and I’ve had it asked of...

I Met a Unicorn

“You’re looking for a unicorn, but you don’t really believe they exist.” This was what my therapist friend said to me years ago as I was...

Me & Jennifer Aniston = Twins

Jennifer Aniston and I are twins. I feel that we could be best friends and I should be hanging out with her and Courtney Cox. Not because...

My Embarrassing Secret

I have a secret to confess that apparently is shocking to some. I am socially embarrassingly awkward when it comes to meeting men. I...

Online Dating Detox

After four years of doing the online dating thing, I really should be proficient at it. Not only am I awful at online dating, I am...

Relationships Are a Landmine of Brokenness

Relationships in your 40’s+…Your broken parts and theirs and do they fit together? If there was dating x-ray vision, we’d walk up to...

Dating Deal Breaker...The 3rd N...

I have a confession to make - the final N of the ‘3 N’s NOT to Date’ is a prickly one for me to discuss. First, if you didn’t guess it...

SHAME on You!

I absolutely hate the statement- ‘Shame on you.’ Here is the definition of shame, “a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused...

Teach Our Daughters To Leave

I had a big realization recently about my teenage daughter and what I still need to teach her.  My daughter has sensory issues and has...

The Lie Women Are Being Told

My sisters- we have been fed a big fat lie that is hurting us emotionally and financially. We have been told this lie for so long that it...

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