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  • Melissa Moore

Time AWAY From Kids For Mother's Day

What do Moms really want for Mother’s Day? Time away from their kids. Seriously- The number one answer was…a nap! Please hear me on this, moms are tired and burnt out. Can I get an Amen? We want a nap. A nap without anyone else except for the family pet. No kids, no knocking on the door, no questions and no time limit. Why? Did I mention we’re tired?

If you’re the mom of young kids, you are probably feeling this deeply. I have a teenager, so the tired thing isn’t what it was when she was younger. Today, I would like to sleep in, go for a hike and out to lunch with an adult beverage. That’s my plan for Mother’s Day.

I was feeling guilty about this, because I didn’t want to take my daughter. I know – I felt like a crappy mom for thinking this. Here is my reasoning – she hates to hike and will complain. It will be miserable and even if she doesn’t complain – I’ll know she is hating it. What I did was tell her it was Mother’s Day and she had to go. I mean, we’re supposed to spend it together aren’t we? We were both dreading it. Then divine inspiration stepped in.

My friend Maggie told me that she was taking off for Mother’s Day weekend and told her kids that their gift was taking care of the house and pets. What? You’re leaving your offspring on this sacred holiday? Yep. We can do that? Who gave you permission to do that?

After this mind blowing conversation I had a talk with my sweet girl. I told her that I wasn’t going to make her go hiking with me. I decided that Tim (fiancé) and I would be going without her and would see her and our other daughter later that afternoon. Her response? Great! Have fun! Want me to make you breakfast?

Moms – we need to take back this holiday. IF you want some alone time – take it. If you don’t want to take the family to an overpriced brunch and be on ‘mom at a restaurant duty’ – don’t do it. For one day- just one day- stop being so selfless. I don’t know if it’s the Hallmark movies showing a lovely family brunch with well-behaved kids, but this nonsense has to stop.

So what do you want to do for Mother’s Day? As a single mom of a then young girl, we spent all of our previous Mother’s Days together. We got our nails done, went to the movies, lunch at her favorite restaurant and have made some great memories. Now that she is older, I am choosing something different. I am choosing me. I am choosing a few hours of doing exactly what I want to do.

Selfish or self-care? I see it as self-care for a single mom who is tired. I also don’t care what anyone else may label it. For once I am going to put my selfless hat down and pick up my hiking hat and enjoy my day.


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