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Welcome to Melissa Moore Media & the home of the "Moore 4 Love" blog and the "Unshackling the Soul with Melissa Moore" podcast.


I'm so excited that you're here!  My hope is that the blog and podcast will make you laugh, think and realize that we're in this together.  


xxoo Melissa


We all struggle, we all have stuff. The Unshackling the Soul Podcast are the conversations that free us by dropping the stigma around discussing complex topics. 

Whether it's looking at mental health, addiction, relationships or just learning more about this whole life journey - those are the conversations we'll have. 

Unshackling the Soul will dive into various topics that will hopefully help you grow, laugh and feel like you're not alone.   

Life is a crazy, complex and definitely a wild ride. The hope of this podcast is to feel and think - maybe even at the same time. 


The only thing I've done longer than radio is write. I started writing Moore 4 Love after realizing that my single mom stories and dating disasters weren't just happening to me. Moore 4 Love isn't just about the relationships we have with others, but also about the most important one, the one we have for ourselves.  

I joined the dating pool again at 45, suffered through A LOT of bad dates and wrote about all of them in this blog. I also found the love of my life, got engaged after saying I'd never get married again and wrote about all of it. 

My hope is always about connection. Making connections with you, relating real life experiences and sharing my growth as I find it. My biggest hope is to combine feeling and thinking. Not easy - but I've learned with every thought there is a feeling. Who knew, right? 

I always love hearing from you - drop me a note anytime. Also, don't forget to subscribe so that you don't miss a blog.  xox 

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