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I'm an outspoken 40 something single mom living in Denver who also hosts a local radio show every day on Denver's #1 radio station.  Radio is in my blood- I grew up in the business and hosted shows in Minneapolis, Nashville (syndicated), Orlando and Muncie, IN. The only thing I've done longer than radio is write.  Writing gives me freedom and allows me to connect to our crazy life.  My daughter is my heart and my love.  She is funny, smart, kind and on the autism spectrum.  She has taught me what is important and real about life. Personally, I'm navigating the very scary dating world at this stage of my life and I have no idea what I'm doing.  Like so many of us- I've survived a lot in my life.  I often draw on my experiences of abuse, addiction, divorce, cancer and not just surviving but thriving and growing. Outside of my family and friends I have mad love for coffee, HGTV, cooking, my English Bulldog Cisco and all things Colorado . I believe love is love, God is bigger than we allow Him to be and that he's got a wicked sense of humor.  I believe in love.  Love always wins. xxoo

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Middle Age Men Dating Younger Women

Why do men tend to date younger and women go older?  As I watch my friends in the dating world I keep hearing that if you’re a woman expect to date older, because the men your age are dating significantly younger women.  I would love to say that’s BS, but more and more it appears to be true.  I met a woman last year who was 34 and dating a 50+ year old guy.  He already had two grown kids and was ‘open’ to getting remarried and starting a family with her.  When asked why he didn’t date a woman his age he replied, “I already did that with my ex.”  I have another friend in her 30’s dating a guy that’s close to her dad’s age.  This one took me back a little bit.  I admit I originally felt all judgey about the situation until I finally said to myself, who cares.  Who really cares?! He is obviously okay with helping raise little ones and who knows, they could even have a baby together.  Yes, that is one thing about older guys – they can physically do that all their lives.  Then there are women like me.  I’m in my 40’s and I will proudly wear a sign saying ‘baby maker closed for baby business.’   I have no problem dating a younger guy who has his ‘stuff’ together, but if he wants babies and to start a family= I’m not your girl.  I’ve packed enough diaper bags and prepared enough bottles to fill my baby needs.  I have no desire for the sleep deprived hours of my 30’s or the constant juggling of a baby and life.  I loved that time of my life, but I’m done. 

So men, why the younger women?  I ask this more out of curiosity then judgement.  Is it the status of a younger woman?  The looks?  The potential to start a family now that you’re more established?  I admit those things aren’t that attractive to me.  As a 40 something woman, I am ready for the proverbial next chapter of my life.  I have a teenage daughter who is pretty self-sufficient, a career that I’ve cultivated and now have time for the fun things in life that I didn’t beforehand.  I can travel, explore and have more adventures at this point than I could have had a decade ago.  When I first got divorced and started dating I had a hard time imagining dating someone with grandkids.  I didn’t feel old enough to have grandkids, so I couldn’t wrap my brain around dating someone who could. Fast forward 4 years and I’m totally open to that idea.  In fact, that idea sounds way more reasonable than raising small children. Now let me put a little caveat here, I’m fine with that as long as the guy is fun, active and healthy.  I have no desire to sit around and read together (unless it’s on a great beach vacation).


I’m sure part of my internal shift is the fact that I’m finally comfortable with my age and who I am today.  I really like my 40’s and the hard fought self-confidence I’ve found.  I like grabbing my purse and not worrying about a diaper bag as I head out the door.  I like having an older child and the relationship we now have, plus the freedom that affords me.  I also respect that some men and even some women want to start or re-start families again at this point in their lives.  I may not relate, but I also believe that as long as you’re making decisions out of love for yourself and not fear – then you do you.  As to what age of guy I will date…we’ll just have to wait and see.



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