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  • Melissa Moore

Can Super Fit and Normal Fit Date?

Can super athletic – zero body fat and somewhat in-shape normal with body fat find true love?  Can super fit and not super fit be compatible?  A girlfriend of mine has a whole theory on this that she calls the ‘squish’ theory.  It’s all about knowing where the squish comes from and it being equal.

The ‘Squish’ Theory:

  • Chiseled + Chiseled = No Squish Chiseled

  • Chiseled + Squishy You = All squish coming from you

  • Equal Squish + Equal Squish = Can’t tell who has the squish

Seriously, is this a thing? Crap – just another thing to now worry about in the dating world!  I was talking to another girlfriend of mine about dating and I told her about this guy/friend of mine who is rock-hard, chiseled and has zero body fat.  I also told her I think this is why we are destined to just be friends.  After slamming her drink down she said she totally disagrees, but understands where I’m coming from.  She has one of these rock hard boyfriends who look like they should be on the cover of Men’s Health and she has talked to him about this squish thing.  He told her…(I know this is like good gossip here) – that he doesn’t want a hard body against him.  In shape – fine –but he likes the softness of a woman.  Hmm…sounds reasonable but I’m still not sure I’m buying it.  Maybe he’s just chiseled and nice.  Or maybe this is my own insecurity that’s constantly being fed by the media.  Or maybe it’s like a camping guy – they like camping girls.  Hot chiseled men like hot chiseled girls? I honestly don’t know, but I do know I now have a squish fear.

Why hot chiseled men, why do you have to have abs without fat over them?? I went out on a date with a chiseled – trainer guy who also happened to be A LOT younger than me.  He really, really, really, really liked his muscles and somehow managed to hug me and flex at the same time.  Kind of weird, but whatever buddy!  He’s also the one who told me on the first only date how much pride he takes in how he looks naked.  What the #$%@ do I say to that? Umm..yea me too?  Another guy that was flirting with me sent me a picture of him at the gym lifting.  He asked me if I ‘trained’.  I laughed reading it and then replied, “Does drinking wine count as training?”  Thank goodness he had a good sense of humor and replied yes! Okay good, then yes, I train.  A lot.  Now that I think about it…he did kind of disappear after this conversation.

Here is what I really want to know….can a rock hard hottie be okay with a normie?  Maybe you’re a girl who rocks OTF several times a week and has a rocking body.  Would you be okay with a guy with a ‘dad bod’ or would they have to be chiseled too? Are the rules different for men vs. women?  I feel and I have nothing to back this up, that women would be more willing to date a ‘dad bod’ vs. guys…but I could be wrong.  All I know is that dating is tough enough without having to worry about holding in my stomach when someone hugs me.  Plus, don’t ask me if I train.  Trust me, you would know if I did!

xoxo Melissa

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