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  • Melissa Moore

Is Bad Kissing a Precursor to Bad ...?

Here is my answer: I have no idea. Being a bad kisser at this age is 100% a deal breaker for me. I had three REALLY BAD kisses since I started back into this whole over 40 dating fiasco. I remember thinking, “what just happened here.” I think my first kiss in 7th grade at church camp (Thanks Jesus) was better and yet, that was truly awful...shudder. I feel the same way about bad kissing at this age too.

When I think of the bad kisses that I’ve had, I feel like I should apologize to my lips and face. One of the ‘Bad 3’ guys grabbed my face, held it so tight I felt like it was going to pop off my body and then bombarded me with his tongue to a new level of grossness. I remember pushing him away and he pronounced, “Voila! Now you’ve been really kissed.” What the *$#@ dude?! I had to wipe my face off. It was worse than when my English bulldog, Cisco, gets too close and lays one on me. Gross. Disturbing and WTH. AND he thought he was good! Oh my gosh…I don’t think I’ve ever gotten in my car faster before in my life.

Second bad kiss was with giant tongue-fish lips. I actually feel badly for this guy, because he was obviously so out of practice. He forgot that his lips moved, yet his giant tongue left me unable to breath (due to lack of oxygen). I’m really not sure what happened. No lip movement and me trying to get away from his tongue. It wasn’t good. I remember texting my girlfriend and saying I think he has an abnormally large tongue or doesn’t know what to do with it. Either way- it was somewhat awful. Not like the face slobber guy, but bad.

I consulted a girlfriend of mine who is really vocal about what she likes and asked what she would do? She informed me that she’s told guys, “Hey, that was awful, try and use less tongue.” What?! I have mad respect for her, but she is also way more patient than me. At this age, I have no problem communicating a lot of things- but having to teach someone to kiss. Nope. That train has left the station. That is exactly why I have no idea if bad kissers are bad at other physical aspects of a relationship. I refuse to stick around and find out.

For me, kissing is a big deal in relationships. IF you don’t like how someone kisses, you will avoid kissing them. That means you’re avoiding that act of intimacy. I’m not even talking about the movie make-out kissing – I mean just a sweet kiss. When someone kisses poorly you run like seeing a rattlesnake on a trail, and trust me you don’t stick around!

Xoxo Melissa

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1 Comment

Apr 14, 2021

Ok, this is funny and sad at the same time! Kissing is SO important to me since there's way more of that going on, especially as we grow older and are not able to be more intimate (you know what I mean). I'm willing to give it a few chances and some coaching but if he can't get it right then I'm out!

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