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Love Languages Effected By Covid-19

This corona virus-Covid-19 is tough on my dating life!  I say this in jest, but also with a splash of truth because, it’s tough on all of our social lives.  Today, I can honestly say that I am more thankful for my health and all the little things in life than ever before. Never in my life did I think we would be experiencing anything like this.  I still can’t wrap my head around this new reality of ours on most days.  We use the word freedom all the time and yet when we aren’t ‘free’ to go and do as we please it hits at a deeper level of realization.  I was making tacos the other night and didn’t have any cheddar cheese.  Sure, I had a gouda – but gouda and tacos?  That sounds crazy!  So does a virus that has shut down our world, so I went with the gouda and waited for cheddar until my next grocery run.  I’m being conscious of running to the store and being mindful of my decisions.  It’s actually a very good practice, but one that feels oddly constricted. 

Usually I would be sharing with you about my dating life right now.  I actually have so much to share, but for this blog I want to hit on the bigger picture of love.  What I have been witnessing is just how each of our love languages is being challenged with quarantine isolation.  If you’re someone whose love language is physical touch and you find yourself single and isolated it’s almost physically painful.  I get you – I see you- it’s one of my top 2 love languages and it’s been really tough on me too!  Not being able to hug my friends – ouch!  Working from home and having a lack of physical proximity to people can be lonely too.  Quality time- how difficult is this right now?!  First, we have social distancing and aren’t getting together in groups – so quality time looks and feels different.  Yes, we have phone calls and any variation of Face Timing – but it’s not the same.  Social distancing walks?  I actually did this with one of my girlfriends and it was great, but I missed being able to hug her.

Words of Affirmation? This is my top love language and I have found that I need it even more today since Physical Touch has been cut down. I've come to the realize that when one of your top love languages is limited that you need the others to pick up the slack. The upside is that Words of Affirmation is an easy way to show love during this season of time if you're aware of it.  Gift giving?  Not as easy with social distancing, but still possible.  How about leaving flowers or having some delivered? Sending a family member a card with a sweet message – who doesn’t still love mail?! Acts of Service – baby this is your time to shine!  I don’t think there has ever been a bigger need for giving back.  Just check the Next Door app and see how many people could use a little extra help right now with grocery or medicine pick-up. 

More than anything right now it’s recognizing that we’re all in this together and hurting in our own ways.  If you’ve never given much thought to your love language, I challenge you to figure it out and ask for what you need.  I will easily say to my inner circle- I NEED a hug.  I NEED to hear some reassurance from you.  Also, know what the love languages are for your people and show them love in the ways they need it.  My daughter’s love language is quality time.  She’s a teenager, but likes having me home even if we're not in the same room.  She also likes hearing how much I love her and that we’re all going to be fine.  Therefore, I tell her just a little bit extra right now

.  No matter what your love language and challenges are right now- I’m with you.  I see you – hear you and you matter.  You’re not in this alone even when that’s exactly what circumstances may dictate.  I’m sending you virtual love, hugs and all the positive vibes I can.  As far as dating...I do have things to update you on and will start with the next blog. Big love always- xoxo

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1 Comment

Mar 25, 2020

Thank you SO much Melissa for saying this. I literally posted on my Facebook page how painful it is to not hug people. It's times like these that we realize how much freedom we really do have and how lucky that we live in 'Merica! I really appreciate your humor and insights and I really miss you on KYGO. The other station is fine, but it's not my genre. Be well! 😘

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