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Dating Eeyore

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I read this quote the other day, “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negative.” Amen sister! This is why I am not dating Eeyore any longer. Okay, I should correct that and say EeyoreS any longer. You remember Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? He’s typically sad, negative and kind of depressing to be around. He says things like, “If it is a good morning, which I doubt.” You get the picture. I’m not sure why, but the past couple of years has been filled with dating a lot of the most negative and depressing men that I’ve ever met.

Now, before you say it I will – if 2020 had a spirit animal it would be Eeyore. It wasn’t a good year for most people. Every person I know suffered some type of pain and loss in the past year. I get it and think we all have sympathy for the struggle bus that was 2020. When I’m talking about Eeyore, I’m talking about the person who it wouldn’t matter if they had a trillion dollar a year job, paid off house and beautiful, well- mannered kids… they would still find the negative! I have dated EeyoreS of every walk of life and financial situations and this is me telling the Universe that I’m over it!

I recently came up with a list of the three N’s that I will no longer date. The first is the Eeyore guy- the Negative Ned who can’t find joy in any part of his life. He is looking for you (me) to be his arrow, his birthday clown, his therapist, but that isn’t going to happen Mr. Negative. I’ve given the NN more than just a one date chance thinking I must have just caught them on a ‘bad day’. The thing is that truly negative people are always having a bad day. AND this is very different than a true relationship with someone where you share the good and the bad. Truly negative people just have a different negative perspective on life.

Life can be really difficult and heartbreaking. No one has an easy life and we all have bad days, weeks and sometimes seasons. I had that year in 2016 when I went through a painful divorce and then was diagnosed with cancer. It was a really difficult year, but it was also a year. A season. What I now try and practice is when life is sucking I breathe deeply, get outside in nature and also mentally list what I am grateful for…and my attitude changes. For some people though I think they enjoy and feel most comfortable complaining and swimming in the negative lane of life. I have also found that truly negative people are generally unhappy with their life and highly critical about other people and their lives. They’re the first ones to point out someone’s flaws, make fun of someone else’s struggle and they are always the victim. They’re unhappy people at a sadly core level. Besides just being frustrating, it is also so very sad. What I know is that this is their chosen journey, I’m just not going along for anymore rides. So goodbye to the first N of my dating list: Negativity. I’ll share with you the other two N’s in the upcoming blogs. Bye Felicia Eeyore

Xoxo Melissa

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